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Transforming Your Home Office into a Space You Will Love

A home office can serve many functions. It can allow someone to work from home, run a business, or handle the bills. No matter what it is used for, a well-planned home office can increase productivity and give the owner a place to focus on the task at hand without adding to daily stress. Here are a few key things to keep in mind for those planning interior home design raleigh, nc.

Location Matters

Where an office is located within the home can determine how much foot traffic passes by, and how many distractions arise. Someone with trouble focusing may want to locate their office away from common areas. If this is not possible, a doorknob sign that indicates that the door should stay closed might help during intense work periods.

Location is also important because it determines how much space is available. How much space is needed can vary? Will bookshelves and filing cabinets need to fit in the same place? Know how much privacy is important, and what will need to fit before settling on where to put the home office.

Love the Look

A home office is part of the home, and it should fit the overall feel. If the rest of the home is modern, look for modern furniture for the office or find chrome accent pieces. If the home is traditional, wood furniture or a comfortable fabric accent chair might work well. 

Paint the walls a bright color to motivate or use a color that lowers stress but still ties into the home color scheme. Frame a piece of art that inspires creativity and display it prominently.

Keep in mind that office lighting can also be part of the decor. A well-lit office can reduce eye strain and headaches, but it does not have to be done with a corporate looking desk light. A pretty lamp will do just as well.

Home offices can be spaces where stressful things like bill paying take place, so setting it up to only be functional is a missed opportunity. Decorate the office so that there are small sources of joy even during difficult tasks.

Choose a Chair

Of all the home office furniture to be purchased, an office chair may be the most important part. Make sure the back and armrests are adjustable and provide support to the shoulders and spine. Back and shoulder support are essential to prevent midday pain from derailing tasks. 

Also, ensure the fabric goes with the room and is breathable. Non Breathable fabrics on chairs can get uncomfortable quickly, especially on warm days. A chair that fits both the person and the home can add to design without interfering with focus.

Tame the Technology

No matter what is done to decorate, electronics are usually not made to be pretty. When possible, put it away. Printers can often go in filing drawers that are closed when the printer is not in use. Even a laptop can be stowed under the desk if the office is also used as a craft room or is in a commonly viewed area.

Cords are another eyesore that can be easily dealt with. Often cords can be fed behind a desk and then zip-tied together. If there is nowhere to tuck the cords, there are fabric cord covers that can help improve the look.

Rug Rules

An easy way to add warmth to a home office is an area rug. A rug can tie the office in with the rest of the house and protect the floors from office chairs. Make sure to get a rug with a low pile that will not interrupt the chair’s ability to roll. The rug will add a pop of color and some extra comfort to the space.

Some Final Thoughts

The ideal office is one that inspires, motivates, and provides a peaceful space to get things done. The office should reflect the style of the homeowner rather than look like a corporate cubicle. Find the right space, a desk with plenty of storage, and fill the home office with details that make personal and enjoyable. 

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