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Top Outdoor Patio Styles in 2020

The arrival of the year 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade. The vast majority of the decade’s social events are due to take place out-of-doors in Raleigh, NC. Families today are united in their desire to spend more time outside, as well as more time with one another. The way to make that happen is to find the perfect Outdoor Patio Furniture collection. When the ideal backyard furniture arrives, the stage is set for food, fun, and friendship to begin. 

Comfortable Outdoor Furnishings Draw People Outside

There are no two ways about it; people have to work to maintain their serenity in the 21st century. The same is true of their relationships. There is always another interruption or another Internet rabbit hole waiting to draw people into it. The trick is in finding balance. When the chaos and mayhem of life reach the point that they interfere with a person’s peace of mind, it is time to step away. 

One of the best ways to take that metaphorical step backward is to spend more time outdoors. Make it a habit to step away from the pressures of life. They will still be there later. Comfortable outdoor furnishings make it easy to step away. They support the pursuit of balance, relationship building, and an appreciation of nature. All of these are proven stress relievers. 

“Sit a Spell”

In the past, people frequently gathered for fun and fellowship. These gatherings were often were spur of the moment, and many times, they took place out of doors. Parties, picnics, and barbecues took place in the gardens and backyards across the land. They showcased every type of weather, landscaping, and patio style imaginable. 

People today seem more than ready to turn away from the hectic pace at which they’ve been living. They feel it is a relief to govern their lives with choices that more accurately reflect who they are than mindless activity. Expect the number of styles and outside furniture options to increase as more people make time for deliberate social interactions. 

Furnishings Communicate Style and Purpose

Today, people tend to “decorate” their gardens as carefully as they do their homes. In addition to all manner of beautiful garden gnomes and fairies, goldfish ponds, fountains, pathways, and such as adorn the most stunning of back yard environments is the statement that is made by one’s choice of patio styles. 

A person’s patio furnishings are an obvious way for homeowners to communicate their sense of style. It’s also an easy way to signal the patio’s intended purpose. For example, some patios might be intended primarily for sunning, whereas others are clearly made for cooking, as is evidenced by their built-in brick ovens and BBQ grills.

Popular Trends in Patio Decor

Less is More – There are a few highly influential trends presently sweeping the Raleigh, NC area at present, and they affect virtually everything. For example, one pattern that influences almost everything with which it comes into contact is minimalism. Minimalism is a movement that highlights the beauty and simplicity of anything kept to a minimum. One way to achieve this effect is to look for simple lines and muted or natural colors when shopping for patio furniture. Add color with accessories, such as bright cushions or ceramic stepping stones.

A Year-round Outdoor Gathering Place – It isn’t as hard as it might seem. With a clear vision, a bit of work, some seeds, fertilizer, and some water, it’s possible to turn even the stoniest ground into a backyard oasis. Think ahead about the shade people will need in the summer months. A respite patch of shade is always welcome, whether it comes from a tree, an awning, a sporty umbrella, or an overhead pergola. An outdoor fireplace adds warmth and a mellow ambiance to any winter gathering and ensures you have four-season use of your garden escape.

Dual-purpose Upholstered Furniture – The outdoor furniture available to purchase today looks far different than the furniture used out of doors by one’s parents or grandparents. The improvements made in upholstery fabrics by the textile industry are genuinely astonishing. Worry no more about the effects of the weather. Today’s space-age furniture coverings blink at nothing, and because they are fully upholstered, they’re able to do double duty as indoor furniture in the winter months. 

Outdoor Living – Any activity one might do indoors can be done outdoors, as well. This holds whether one is having a party, catching up with friends over a casual meal, sleeping, or watching a movie. No matter what the goal for a person’s outdoor living area might be, it is the selection of the area’s furnishings that are most apt to make or break its success. With garden structures, the right furnishings and accessories, lighting, cooking areas, and more, it is possible today to make an outdoor living area perform as a reliable extension of a person’s home.

Changeable Accessories – Choose patio furniture with an eye toward simple forms and color. Allow it to become the background upon which an ever-changing array of accessories will establish various moods and effects. Cushions, pots, planters, signs, candles, wind chimes, water features all combine to create any number of particular environments. 

Functional, Attractive Lighting – Lighting for outdoor areas can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Give some thought to after dark light requirements in the garden. Aim to supply the sort of lighting that provides illumination without glare, and which adds to the overall outdoor oasis effect. Avoid direct light over tabletops, to avoid drawing insects that inevitably end up far too close for comfort.

Comfort Rules – Everyone wants to be comfortable, homeowner, and guest alike. It is the goal of any homeowner and host or hostess to make their guests comfortable. Comfort considerations include shielding from direct sun, the elimination of biting insects, supportive, comfortable chairs and lounges, and a beautiful landscape upon which to gaze.

As the seasons turn and the time continues to march slowly forward, the anticipation of good times ahead with loved ones becomes the memory of days past. Perhaps the way to ultimately end up with the best memories is to start by carefully preparing the area where the memories are to be made. Give careful consideration to the placement of each piece of furniture, each decoration, each flickering candle.

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