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Tips to Make Your Spaces feel Modern with Simple Decorating Ideas.

Perhaps you’ve coveted the modern aesthetic for interior design for years. Yet you’ve never been able to achieve it. Decorating your home with a modern aesthetic in mind is easier than you might think. All it takes is a few simple decorating tips. Consider some of these ideas to make your dream of having a modern-focused home a reality.

1. Crown Molding

A common practice for many modern interior home design Durham, NC companies is crown molding. This is the white panel that runs along the edge that connects the ceiling and walls. It’s vital because it helps finish off the room. A room without crown molding can look unfinished or even cheap.

Crown molding also adds a touch of elegance. That’s what modern design is all about.; elegant, refined, and bold in its use of whites and greys. It also can be pretty inexpensive. While the best molding is made of wood, you can also find cheaper options made of plastic and other materials.

2. Pillows

No modern home is complete without a lot of pillows. This home furniture actually serves two purposes. The first is that it provides a touch of elegance. Throw pillows can often add a splash of color or even a refined pallet of color to finish off the overall interior design. They also provide additional comfort for yourself and for your guests.

Your pillows should either be kept neutral in color to match the rest of the room, or they should be a stark and bold color. These are called accent pillows. They can work great for adding a burst of color in a room that may be too white or feel too cold.

3. Golden Furniture

Another popular trend for modern designs is the use of gold. It may be a golden-legged coffee table in the living room, a golden mirror, or even golden picture frames. However you choose to use gold, you’ll want to carefully balance it with other neutral tones. You’re not trying to make the room look gaudy. You’re only elevating it a refinished finish.

4. Natural Materials

Besides gold, the use of natural materials is also popular in modern designs. Wooden dining room tables, for example, are popular. The same can be said for stone dining tables. However, stone is primarily used for countertops and islands. Whether it be marble, granite, or other natural stone, this material is durable and beloved by those who have embraced the modern aesthetic for their home.

Wood is popular for flooring. If you have carpet in the home, then you’ll want to remove it and have hardwood floors installed instead. Most modern homes like to keep the wood its own natural color. However, a few have painted it black to contrast with the white walls and other white furniture.

The modern aesthetic encompasses a careful balance between minimalism and expense. The goal is to create a luxurious-looking home without filling it with unneeded junk. The use of natural materials and furniture can accomplish this design goal.

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