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How to Reduce the Sounds of Noisy Neighbors 

If you live in a townhome complex or city apartment, it’s likely that you have dealt with loud neighbors. Whether it’s a party that they’re having or aHow to Reduce the Sounds of Noisy Neighbors | Wayside Furniture House loud movie they’re watching, it can be quite annoying to deal with. This holds especially true when you’re trying to go to sleep. Here are a few things you can do to help reduce the noise that your neighbors make so you can get some peace and quiet.

Eliminate Hard, Flat Surfaces

Large flat surfaces like mirrors, glass, and hardwood flooring can amplify sound waves. Do your best to cover up these larger flat surfaces to reduce their sound amplification. The first thing you can do to make a huge difference is to cover up that hardwood flooring in your rooms with carpet. Next, eliminate large mirrors or glass pieces from your room. Take an assessment of the rooms you spend the most time in when indoors and eliminate the hard, flat surfaces.

Use Sturdy Curtains

Any layer you can put between you and the source of the sound can help to reduce it. The best way to do this is to hang curtains where the sounds are coming in through your window. The heavier the fabric that you use for your curtains, the more you’ll be able to reduce the noise. Any interior design store can recommend some heavier fabrics to help reduce the noises coming through your window panes.

Be Mindful Of Furniture Placement

A home furniture Raleigh, NC store can tell you that furniture placement not only changes the overall look of your room, but also can change up the sounds that you hear in it. By placing larger pieces of furniture in locations that typically let in noise, you can help to reduce the amount of noise you hear in your room. Opt for putting your couches in front of your windows. Put larger pieces of furniture near your doors to help absorb the sounds of the room.

Consider How Your TV Sound Travels

One thing you may notice is that your television sound is interrupted by your noisy neighbors. Take some time to consider how the sound travels from your television to your ears. Is your television on a wall that faces the neighbor’s apartment? If so, switch it to another wall that is not against their apartment. If you live on the top floor of an apartment building, you may consider placing your television speakers upwards. This will allow the sound to bounce off of your ceiling and into your ears.

Consider A Higher Bed Frame

There are many options when it comes to purchasing beds and bed frames. To help reduce sounds from neighbors, you can get a bed frame that has a high back on it. This will put an extra layer in between you and the wall where the sounds are coming from. Remember that every little piece of extra material that stands between you and the source of the noise is helpful.

Decorate With Heavy Materials

As you learned above, heavy materials can help to reduce the amount of sound that you hear from your neighbors. After covering up your windows and doors, you may notice that sounds still come through. In this case, you can decorate your walls with heavier materials. It’s likely that the sound is only coming in from one wall at a time. Pick that wall to decorate with the heavier fabrics and see how much it will help to reduce the amount of noise that you hear from your neighbors.

Get A White Noise Machine

If you’ve tried all the furniture options and are still having issues with your noisy neighbors, you may want to consider a white noise machine. This type of machine will help to drown out those noises from your neighbors. This type of noise can make a drastic difference when you’re trying to fall asleep. These machines are fairly small and won’t take up much room in your bedroom. You may even find that having the white noise is a major advantage to helping you get better sleep at night.

Sometimes, we just can’t do anything about where we live. We don’t get to choose our neighbors and sometimes they end up being loud. Whether it’s the constant weekend party or the loud snoring you can’t seem to block out, there are many options that you can use to help with the noise reduction. By using specific types of furniture and interior decorations, you can easily help to drown out those noisy neighbors that you have. Realize the more tips that you utilize above, the better you’re going to be able to reduce the noises.

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