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Dining Room Trends for 2020

A dining room is often one of the most useful and important spaces in a home. It may be the area where friends and family go to talk, have a cup of coffee, or even do homework. It is likely that your family gathers around the dining room table to chat about the day’s events, enjoy meals, and celebrate the holidays. A carefully decorated dining room can become the hub of a home if it is comfortable and inviting. Getting that result begins with creating a theme around Dining Room Furniture that matches your needs and tastes. It is a project that may be easier than you imagine. Even if you have never taken on a decorating project, you can borrow from professional 2020 design trends. New furniture, the right lighting, a splash of color, and your own creative touches can combine to create a fresh, appealing dining room.

Country Style Is a Classic Choice  

If you live in the American South, there is a good chance that you enjoy using elements of country style decorating. For example, residents of Raleigh, North Carolina often include natural wood, even if they live in modern apartments in a metro area. Whether country decorating is part of your heritage or you just like its warmth, the look is in for 2020. In addition to using natural materials, the key is avoiding bold colors and making sure textiles, Dining Room Furniture, and drapes match the style.  

Scandinavian Design Is Easy to Create

One of the simplest and most beautiful ways to invigorate your dining room is to use a Scandinavian decorating theme, one of the hottest of the coming year. It is a light, clean look that depends on including features like handmade shelves, wooden pieces, and a sprinkling of ethnic elements. You can polish your room with abstract pattern textiles. 

Blend Contemporary and Traditional Elements  

Another way to give your dining room a contemporary look is to mix and match traditional and contemporary elements. The decorating experts at Wayside Furniture suggest mixing old and new pieces. You might even add items such as souvenirs that help personalize the space. It’s a great way for Southern homeowners who live in the city to use favorite heritage pieces and still create a fresh, stylish dining room.

Create an On-Trend Look by Mixing Dining Room Chairs 

You can give your dining area a unique and trendy look by mixing chair styles. It’s not a new idea, but it’s one that remains popular and will be trending in 2020. It’s also a look that can be used with any decorating theme. Mixing chairs is budget-friendly if you repurpose chairs you already own. Using more than one type of chair allows you to be creative and have some fun. The best way to get the look is to choose chairs with color palettes and silhouettes that are close. Of course, you can just use any group of chairs you like as long as they are the same height.  

Get Creative with an Eclectic Style  

Wayside Furniture interior decorating experts predict that the formal dining room will be making a strong comeback in 2020. However, that doesn’t mean it has to conform to any particular style. As long as you have a carefully decorated dining room with all the important elements, it will serve you well. In fact, eclectic dining rooms are also going to be big in the coming year. It’s an option that allows you all the creative expression you crave. For example, you might begin with antique pieces and then add bright colors and even high-tech elements. Instead of creating a predictable space, you can make it your own.

The Table Is the Thing

Whatever overall decorating style says, “you”, the centerpiece will always be the table, so choose yours carefully. Fortunately, there are trending table styles for every taste. A furniture store can offer everything from classic Early American to jazzy modern styles. You don’t even have to stick to a conventional shape. As long as your table is the right size for your needs and available space, you can opt for unique pieces like an ornate pedestal table.  

Lighting Fixtures Can Add Interest 

  1. Upcoming dining room styles will also include unique lighting. Feel free to experiment with asymmetrical shapes and wicker lighting. Add uncommon textures. Think about replacing a dated fixture with an eye-catching chandelier or installing sleek pendant lighting. You may want to select lighting that matches your theme or just add something fun. 

Classic Wallpaper Is Trendy Again  

For centuries wallpaper was a staple for dining rooms but has been considered old-fashioned in recent years. Today it is back and offers dozens of ways to personalize your dining room. Wallcoverings are sold in a variety of colors and patterns and you can buy textured versions. If you aren’t comfortable with permanent wallpaper, there are peel-off versions available. You might want to consider adding wallpaper to one wall as an accent.

2020 Trends Include Chic Colors

When you decide to give your dining room a facelift, you will no doubt repaint the walls and trim. The colors you choose are important because they set the mood of the room. Trending colors for 2020 include “HeartWood”, old rose color with purple nuances. Going forward, interior decorators predict that the most on-trend home colors will be bold and include greens, deep purple, and yellow curry. When you paint, it is important to keep your room light and avoid using more than three colors. 

A comfortable, well-decorated dining room can be an inviting space that is the center of your home. If your dining area needs an upgrade, you might consider incorporating some of the hottest decorating ideas for 2020. Upcoming trends include blending elements to create a custom look. If you’re not feeling that adventurous, classic country and Scandinavian styles are as hot as ever and can provide your space with a fresh new look. Furniture suppliers offer a wide range of pieces as well as decorating advice, so reinvigorating your dining area has never been easier.

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