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Convert a Space Into an Entertainment Center

Designing an entertainment center can be an exciting process for many homeowners. It is their chance to personalize one of the most popular common areas in a home. Family room furniture stores in Raleigh, NC, like Wayside Furniture House, have a variety of furniture options for any aesthetic. Before purchasing new furniture for the family entertainment center, homeowners must be familiar with some design principles.

Understanding Interior Design

While every room in a person’s home is different, some interior design principles remain the same throughout the house. Incorporating these design principles into a new entertainment center ensures the space is functional and aesthetically pleasing. The main custom interior design principles are:


A well-designed entertainment center is cohesive with a steady visual flow. Homeowners can achieve this by repeating certain design elements such as color, texture, or shape throughout their space. For example, a person could match the color of a couch to an entertainment stand, which would unify their space. 


Balance is defined as evenly distributing the visual weight of objects in a room. These objects do not have to be the same size or shape, so long as they take up the same amount of visual space. There are three kinds of balance in interior design, including radial balance, symmetrical balance, and asymmetrical balance. 

Radial balance involves identifying a focal point in a room from which the rest of the room’s design radiates outward. For an entertainment center, this can be a center table with couches placed around it in a circle or u-shape. 

Using symmetrical balance means one side of the room is a mirror image of the other side when visually divided down the centerline. A common way this is done is by having matching pillows and end tables on either side of a person’s couch.

Asymmetrical balance is done by evenly distributing the weight of items on either side of the centerline without them being an exact match. This could mean that decorative items that are displayed on shelves flanking a television are not identical, but take up the same amount of visual space. 

Scale and Proportion

Scale and proportion address how objects relate to each other and how they fit into space. For example, a well-designed family room should have furniture that fits in the space nicely without feeling crowded. It should also have a TV that is neither too big nor too small for the wall on which it is mounted. 


One of the essential design elements to employ when converting a space into an entertainment center is harmony. Harmony is the feeling of completeness a person gets when balance, repetition, scale, and proportion are all used in the right amount.

Measuring harmony is more of general practice than a cut-and-dry rule. Once the design is finished, take a step back and decide if it feels settled or not. If it doesn’t, it is likely that the harmony is off, and one of the other design principles should be revisited. 

Tips for Designing an Entertainment Center

Once a person understands the key elements in a well-designed family room and entertainment center, they can put their design ideas into action. Below are some tips on how to convert a space into an entertainment center. 

Consider the Future

A person’s home is a constant work in progress, especially for entertainment centers. With television and video game technology continually changing, homeowners must plan for what things they may want to purchase in the future. For example, homeowners may want to choose an entertainment stand that can hold a larger TV or multiple media devices. Even if they don’t have those things, they may want them down the road. 

Choose Furniture

Furniture is an essential element of a well-designed entertainment center. Some custom home entertainment furniture to consider includes:

The Couch and Chairs

The couch and chairs are the places of comfort in a family room. Those with a larger room may want to use a large sectional to divide the space into more manageable segments. Others who may use the television as the focal point for a room should consider what could best accentuate that point of interest.


There are several table options for an entertainment center. Homeowners may want to consider a coffee table as a common area between all the seats in a room. If there is not enough space for that, or if the flow is interrupted by a table in the center, then end tables may be a better option. 

Wall Unit

A wall unit is often the most eye-catching thing in a family room. Typically, these include shelves that surround space to put a TV. Homeowners who want a wall unit for their entertainment center should be mindful of the size of the room, to prevent overcrowding. Homeowners may also consider custom family room furniture to find the perfect fit for their space.


A stand is an entertainment center option that is both minimalist and modern. These generally feature a few drawers or shelves underneath the area where the TV would sit. They are perfect for smaller spaces or for those who do not have a lot of extra electronic components or decorations to display.

Be Mindful of Storage

Of course, homeowners need to consider major storage, such as bookshelves, chests, and places to store games. However, equally important is where cords will be stored or hidden from view. Most electronic devices have some cables that connect them to the wall, speakers, or consoles, and the wires can quickly become unruly. A messy wire setup can be a nuisance and an eyesore, so consider furniture that has areas to tuck them away neatly.

The focal point of every family room is the home entertainment center. It is where families gather to relax, watch their favorite movies, play their favorite games, and enjoy each other’s company. For the space to be inviting, the entertainment center needs to be well designed. Visit Wayside Furniture House in Raleigh, NC, to find the perfect entertainment center furniture and accessories today. 

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